Most of the time, you’ll find water damage in attics, crawlspaces and laundry room. However, bathrooms can also create an enormous, nasty disaster.

One of the major causes of bathroom flooding is clogged toilets when flushed. Apart from the fact that the water spreads really fast throughout the floor, it is also dangerous due to sewage water spewing out.

Even though there are certain preventive measures you could take to limit the water damage in your Maryland home, water disaster in the bathroom can still occur.

5 Steps to Take After a Bathroom Flood

In this article, you will learn five steps to take if a bathroom flooding occurs.

Turn off the water 

Get to the water supply and turn it off. Doing this will reduce the damage in the bathroom and will give the restoration company enough time to come in and extract any standing water and dry it out before mold develops. 

Turn off the electricity

Don’t try to step into any flooded area in your home without first cutting off the power. Electrocution can occur if you do not cut out the power. If you aren’t sure how to turn it off, wait for the restoration team to come and secure the area.

Get rid of the water 

If there is any standing water you can remove before the restoration team arrives, do. The sooner you get rid of any standing water, the lesser the risk of damage to your property. It also reduces the risk of mold development.

Open the windows and doors

To avoid moisture buildup in the room, open the windows and doors, turn on the fan — to get air circulating around the home. When air circulates, it helps to cool the room and makes the wet areas dry more quickly. 

Call AA Restoration

You need to contact a professional water damage restoration company in Maryland if you haven’t done that already. You need a team that can assess the level of damage, plan a course of action, and works with your insurance company to get started on the restoration process.

The AA Restoration team knows what to do to help you get on with your life and make the damage a thing of the past. 

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