The Christmas holiday is edging closer. Many people will travel, go on vacation — leaving their homes for a few days, weeks, and even months. The last thing you want is to come back to a damaged house. Also, you want to stay peaceful during your vacation – without worrying about what’s happening in your home.

Home Disaster Prevention Tips: Things to do Before a Vacation

While there are disasters we cannot prevent, there are proactive measures we can take to keep our home safe while on vacation.

Ensure Your Alarm System is in Place

Installing an alarm system will help detect a forced entry into your home if someone tries to break in. However, an alarm system with environmental sensors will help to identify other potential damages as well. Possible damages such as moisture changes in the air. Some alarm systems even sync with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to alert emergency services.

Turn Off Water Supply Lines

Except you have a sprinkler system that must keep your plants fresh, turn off your main water supply line before going on your vacation. Many have come back to flooded homes and ruined memories due to broken pipes. If you must leave your sprinkler system open, turn off sub-supply lines, like lines to the toilet, sinks, and other systems.

Ask someone to check in

They could be a friend, family, or neighbor. Ask someone you trust to check in on your home while you are away. Have them come in every few days. It helps check or control any disaster that would have happened.

 Clean up the fridge and Trash Can

Ensure that your fridge doesn’t have any perishable food while you’re away, or you might come back to a refrigerator full of mold and disgusting smells. Also, do not leave any trash in the trash can — dispose of the content properly. 

Holidays, vacations are times to have fun and relax. You shouldn’t have to worry about your home and what condition it will be in when you return. 

Ensure that you prepare your home before you leave by doing the things mentioned above. It will help to prevent a lot of potential disasters. In case of any emergency or damage, call a professional Maryland home restoration service.  

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