Water damage on the ceiling is an eyesore as it can detract from the beauty of your home. Apart from aesthetics, it also signals a much bigger problem and reduces the value of your home. Therefore, it must be treated urgently. 

It could be the roof or the bathroom upstairs that could be the source of the damage. Since pipes run along with the attic before it drops above the ceiling, finding out the actual source of the damage might require the experience of a professional restoration company in Maryland.

Water Damage on the Ceiling

Stains on the Ceiling

When you start to notice water spots on the ceiling, it doesn’t usually mean that the roof is leaking. It could be dripping in the attic from the condensation on pipes since there are several water lines up there including hot water heaters, plumbing, and AC lines.

The tiny spaces or cracks in the attic crawlspace allow leaks that stain on the ceiling. 

Signs of water damage

  • Musty odors
  • Discolored growths
  • Stains, streaks, shadows
  • Peeling ceiling or wall surfaces

A major signal that your ceiling is on the brink of failure is depressions around the fasteners which include small dimples showing up on the ceiling because the drywall around the nails or screws sags, causing an inverted crater. 

Potential Problems

A leak in the roof could also result in high utility bills. Water intrusion will destroy the insulation in the attic area. When the cellulose or fiberglass insulation gets saturated with water, its insulating properties can be lost. Consequently, your home starts loosing hot and cool air and as a result, higher utility bills. 

Trying to paint the damaged area will lead to more problems. Also, if mold spores are not treated, then mold will grow after a period. Only an experienced professional will be able to make the much-needed repairs.

The team at AA Restoration will identify and create solutions that minimize or eliminate the chance of future occurrences. When the team is finished, you will have a dry, clean and safe ceiling again.

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