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Aaction Home Repairs and Restoration, Inc. (Aaction) was founded in 1994 by Owner and Operator, Brian “Keith” Hood. Keith made it his mission to create a home remodeling and restoration business that was known for its operational efficiency, organization, and ability to act quickly to deliver on customer needs and wants. Aaction has executed that mission, proudly serving the greater parts of Maryland for over 25 years. Throughout our history, we have continued to grow in size and repute. We are widely known throughout the state for our skilled personnel, consistent finished products, and unwavering dependability. Customers know that when they hire Aaction, our work will be timely, our crews will be extremely well managed, and the finished product will be exceptional.

Our Purpose

Aaction Home Repairs and Restoration, Inc. (Aaction) was built on a strong ethical foundation. Our interest has always been our customer’s best interest. As experts in the field of restoration and construction, our guidance is paramount to our customers’ knowledge and decision-making. It is our duty to provide the best guidance to our customers, so they are able to make the most appropriate, well-informed decisions in regard to the repair of their properties.

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