Insurance Process


Step 1: Introduction

The Water Technicians will arrive and do the initial walk-through with the Homeowner to see what exactly happened and where the loss occurred. Next, the Homeowner will sign a Work Authorization which gives Aaction Home Repairs and Restoration, Inc. the ok to start mitigating.

Step 2: Documentation & Drying

The Water Technicians will take photos of the damaged areas, stabilize the property/loss, begin writing the scope, and set drying equipment. This step is very tedious and the technicians will take their time to ensure your home is completely dry.

Step 3: End of Drying

During the next 3+ days, the Water Technician will continue to monitor the equipment that was placed in your home. Once the drying is complete, the Water Technician will remove all of the equipment. During the drying stage, it is very important that all equipment runs continuously 24/7.

Step 4: Finally No More Water!

Now that your home is dry, the Water Technician will take final photos of any demolition that was performed and to show the area is dry. Once the Water Technician is completed their documentation, they will have you sign a Certificate of Satisfaction which lets your Insurance Carrier know we completed the work and it is dry. We will submit the estimate to your Insurance Carrier and once they approve it, they will send monies to you in which we would collect for the work performed.


Step 1: Introduction

During the Mitigation process, a Reconstruction Estimator will come out to your property to write a detailed estimate on their finding.

Step 2: Negotiation

The estimator will submit your estimate to your Insurance Carrier for approval. The Estimator and Adjuster will go back and forth until they agree on a scope of work. (2-4 weeks)

Step 3: Approved Estimate

Now that your Adjuster has approved the scope of work, it is time to sign a contract and pay your deductible. (1-2 weeks)

Step 4: Into Production

You will be assigned a Project Manager and go over selections so materials can be ordered. (1-2 weeks)

Step 5: Job Completion

Once materials are in, the construction will take place. Once completed, you will do the final walk-through with your Project Manager.

(2-8 weeks depending on the job size)

Step 6: At Last!

Now that your home is complete and back to pre-loss conditions, you will sign a Certificate of Completion. This gets sent over to your Insurance Carrier letting them know your job is completed and final payment can be released.